MCARC Field Day 2022

Here a few pictures that highlight our exciting FD 2022

Erecting the famous Folded Terminated Dipole FTD90

Ric putting the finishing touches on our antenna connection.

Checking out the radio.

Bob doing his magical beeps. CW

Dave and Joe show Alden a phone station. While mom is watching.

The new Extra, Alden Poole, dropped by to work a radio or two.

Fred is on the air!!!

Here is Frank’s interview of Ric at Field Day

Winter Field Day

Boy was it cold that weekend! But, we made some contacts!

Bob N0KA braving the cold
Sid WD5H warming up by the heater
Walter KK5LO Making a contact or two
Oscar AI5AG waited until it got warmer
Chris KI5ISE took the controls and made contacts