The regular MCARC membership meeting will be held at the Creekwood Community center. It is located just off US90 half way between Hondo and Castroville. The community center is at the corner of County Road 458 and County Road 4510. The date is November 14 at 0900.

Field Day 2015 is finally here!!

MCARC will be having Field Day at the TX HWY Rest Area on US 90 just 4 miles West of D’Hanis.
We will arrive about Noon June 27 to set up and start operating at 1PM. We will take a head count to provide lunch.
We will operate until 4PM (or until it gets too hot.) Be sure to bring a chair and water to stay hydrated.


The regularly scheduled MCARC meeting will be held March 14, Saturday @ 0900. In the Hondo Community Center located at
1038 18th St, Hondo TX 78861.

After the meeting we will have the MCARC Great Antenna Shootout. Bring your homemade or commercial made 2 meter antenna and see how it stacks up.

Also bring any Ham gear you may want to swap or sell.


Walter de KK5LO

2014 Tour de Castroville – Another Success

The 2014 Tour de Castroville is in the books and we can chalk up another successful public service event.  First and foremost I want to thank all the volunteers that madeup our McArc team.  Without our public-minded and spirited volunteers, we could not provide support for these events.  

Thanks to each of you for being there and giving your time and treasure to do your part, as McArc Volunteers, to help make the 2014 Tour de Castroville a huge success.
George Demick, N5GED
Jack Feeney, KT4KL
Bob Rodriguez, K5AUW
Tom Taylor, W5VEI
Gloria Martinez, KD5FAZ
Jay Buck, KE5IFU
Jim Buck, W5CJB
David Ennest, KC5GZI
Curtis Lechner, N5VLV
Walter Hock, KK5LO*

About the Event – Saturday stayed mostly overcast and cool throughout the event.  In years past, it seems to always rain the day of or the day or two before the ride, but not this year.  Like nearly every year we support these bicycle tours, there was a constant breeze.  We aren’t much troubled by the winds and gusts, but the riders feel and deal the winds; the tail winds seem to be the favorites of the riders.  

The ride was relatively uneventful with the exception of a broken chain.  Curtis Lechner, N5VLV, was there to transport the rider to a repair station, but Tom Taylor, W5VEI, being a cyclist (read tri-cyclist) had the needed repair parts and was able to effect repairs and get the cyclist back on tour.

Of specail note are two boy scouts that achieved a merit badge for completing 50 miles!   It was a grueling 50 mile ride for the boys, but they toughed it out and got’er done.  Way to go scouts!

Also worthy of note and special thanks is Walter Hock, KK5LO for operating bicycle mobile while riding the 60 mile tour!  *Walter also attended meetings on our behalf.  Coordination meetings have been held during regular workdays which I was unable to attend.  Thanks Walter for being available.

Event Tee Shrits and lunch were provided.  Being the last SAG back to Regional Park, I can’t say how many volunteers got lunch.  I did get to enjoy lunch with Walter, his brother Carl and Carl’s wife Rose.  As for Tee Shirts the larger sizes that were ordered for we hams were given to others.  It seems that the shirts ran smaller than marked, so our Large, X-Large, and XX-Large were just what some of the riders needed.

Arnold Dollase and Sam Sutter, Tour de Castroville event coordinators, asked that we provide our thoughts and feedback.  They will begin planning the 2015 Tour de Castroville by reviewing feedback and compiling lessons learned.  Our plans won’t start quite so early, but you can bet we’ll be asked back again next year.  Please contact me, Ray Martinez, N5VRE (  or Walter Hock, KK5LO ( with your feedback.

Raymond Martinez, Jr., N5VRE

Tour de Castroville – Public Service Event Support

April 5, 2014, the Tour de Castroville, hosted by the City of Castrovill, will run in Medina County.

McArc has been asked to support the event. We will require eight to twelve radio volunteers. Four to six volunteers will provide SAG support on the two bike routes and the balance will be in static positions at the rest stops.

The event will start at 0800 from Regional Park. We will gather at the entrance to the park at 0730. The event should finish, with the 60 mile ride, approximately 1400 to 1500.

We will use the McArc repeaters to provide communications. The event net will be on the 145.290. The two radio sites in Castroville will use the 147.200 as it’s difficult to get over the ridge to the 145.290 from Regional Park and Houston Square. The 443.350 will be for “off-net” chatter. See the McArc Repeater page for tones and other details.

If you can volunteer your time, talent, and equipment, then please contact Ray Martinez, N5VRE at or (210) 827-4359.