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(Sponsored by the Medina County Amateur Radio Corp.)

Medina County ARES Team Members

NAME                    Call Sign     Position
 Frank McKinley          AK5FM         D06 Member
 Evelyn Courtney         K7EVE         D12 Member
 Philip Courtney         K7PGC         D12 Member
 Ric Sauer               KD0RMK        D06 Member
 Steven Troudt           KE5WYV        D06 Member
 Patrick Kahn            KG5OMX        D06 Member
 Walter Hock             KK5LO         D06 AEC
 George Demick           N5GED         D06 Member
 Raymond Martinez Jr     N5VRE         D06 Member
 Janice Baca             W4AID         D06 Member
 Mark Blasing            W8MRK         D06 Member
 Steve Cerwin            WA5FRF        D06 Member
 Sid Tschirhart          WD5H          D06 Member
 Jay Land                KI7ITF        D06 EC

ARES Meetings     Weekly on-air meeting each Sunday evening at 1900 hours on the KD5DX     145.290 – / 162.2            (in case of repeater failure use 145.290 simplex)

Additional ARES events will be listed here as they are scheduled.


Primary   145.290 - 162.2   KD5DX Repeater
Alt 1     443.350 + 141.3   KD5DX Repeater
Alt 2     147.200 + 162.2   KD5DX Repeater
Alt 3     146.420  Simplex
Alt 4     146.520  Simplex