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(Sponsored by the Medina County Amateur Radio Corp.)

Medina County ARES Team Members
Name                                   Call Sign     Position
Ernest Christilles                  KE5BYJ     Radio Operations
David Ennist                         KC5GZI     Radio Operations
Walter Hock                          KK5LO      Emergency Coordinator
Curtis Lechner                      N5VLV      Assistant Emergency Coordinator – East
Gloria Martinez                     KD5FAZ   Radio Operations
Raymond Martinez, Jr.          N5VRE     Assistant Emergency Coordinator
Thomas Taylor                     W5VEI      Assistant Emergency Coordinator – West
Charles Thacker                  KE5MQF   Radio Operations

ARES Meetings     Weekly on-air meeting each Sunday evening at 1930 hours on the KD5DX 2M repeater.  Monthly meetings following the McArc monthly meeting at the Hondo Community Center.

Frequencies     (-)145.290/Tone 162.2, KD5DX Repeater
(+)443.350/Tone 141.3, KD5DX Repeater
(+)147.200/Tone 126.2, KD5DX Repeater
146.410 Simplex
146.520 Simplex